Friday, April 29, 2016

Gaming Memories - Prince of Persia

Prince of persia.. the original one! The one with a blonde persian prince (??), the one with an evil guy named "Jaffar", the one where the princess sits to talk to a rat and stare at an hourglass while you jump around like crazy and fight dozens of guards. I played this game on Pc, on the Snes, and i dont know where else, i just know that i played this game hundreds of times. And i would play it again if i had the time! A great classic.


I grew up (as many kids from my generation) playing video games, reading comics and watching tv.
"What a waste of time!" you could say.. and would probably be right for the most part. But as an artist, these things influenced a lot of what i do today, in terms of style, tastes, etc. And it was a lot of fun too!

So, why not to share these memories here? Surely im not the only one that played these games, watched these movies, read that comics... and probably im not the only one that thinks that it wasn´t a complete waste of time!

I hope you enjoy the posts, and you´re welcome if you want to leave a comment or anything.